HyperX Cloud II Wireless Headset Review – Great Comfort and Quality Sound for Gaming

    Product: Cloud II Wireless
    Intended Use: Gaming
    Manufacturer: HyperX
    MSRP: $149.99

If I’m being honest, wires are a hassle, and the wireless tech available has improved much over the recent years. Today, we see a few decent options for wireless audio, but there seems to be a lot of room to grow. Well, HyperX is coming out strong with a wireless version of their best-selling headset, the Cloud, only this is the Cloud II Wireless. The HyperX Cloud II Wireless offers improved sound quality with a seamless and straightforward wireless dongle to clean up that desk and take with you into 2021.
Build Quality, Style, Comfort


hyperx cloud ii wireless

The HyperX Cloud II Wireless headset fooled me when I first glanced at it. The red stitching compliments the red branding of the headset. It was an elegant and premium touch that this headset desperately needed. I say this because this headset doesn’t really look like a premium product. It looks like it understands its gamer demographic, sure, but at the cost of being a little generic with a flimsy feel.

One strange design choice is that there’s a wire hanging out of the top of the cups, which sometimes gets caught on my fingers when I adjust them or take them off. Still, the ear cups themselves were comfortable without that uneasy air sealed feeling, if you are looking for fully closed acoustic, these aren’t quite entirely enclosed but offer a great mix of comfort and sound dampening that I ended up liking.

After hours of use, I never experienced any pain or discomfort, a storing sign of quality. Furthermore, the headband never caused pain as it is fully padded. The product is surprisingly light, almost weightless, to the point you may forget it’s on your head. Overall, I think the headset can use some protein because it just looks a little too skinny for my taste. If you want something low profile and smaller, I feel like you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for in this product.

The boom mic looks okay, it feels great to the touch, but it’s limiting. I can’t raise it up out of the way, so if I’m not using it, it’s in my peripheral vision. I would have to unplug it, and I didn’t like the lack of boom adjustability. The headset has large, red HyperX logos on the ear cups, so if you like their logo or the color red, you may be hyped, but I’d rather just see a clean look as it comes off a bit cheesy.

Sound Quality, Performance, Features

hyperx cloud ii wireless 3

Being this is my first HyperX headset I have tested playback on, I can’t say I have a firm opinion on their history of sound quality in their audio hardware. However, I know what sounds good, and the HyperX Cloud II Wireless’ 7.1 surround headset doesn’t disappoint in this department, but it also doesn’t blow you away either.

The stereo sound quality has a warm, rich tone, with a lower frequency of heavy sound. It doesn’t sound tinny or light, which I tend to prefer. The actual bass seemed to hit harder than I expected, honestly, but not close enough to what I would prefer. This isn’t bad as I think the bass did its job in the mix and seems to not be overlooked in development. A lack of bass is a lack of happiness in my book.

I think the high range sounds could use some more strength, leading me to complain about a lack of custom equalizer presets or options to set my own levels in HyperX’s software, NGENUITY. I really like audio customization, and without it, I feel like I am playing with inferior toys. I always test the audio quality when gaming and with music, both compressed and uncompressed. I found the extra gain and audio quality from the uncompressed music really made me smile and gain a little more respect for the sound.

Overall, I think the sound of the HyperX Cloud II Wireless was solid for the price and for it being wireless without an additional sound card/amp. Moving on to the features and customizability through the NGENUITY software, there can be improvements. The simplicity of the menu is endearing, but I think it’s only simple due to a lack of features. Again, no equalizer or custom presets for sound tuning.

No RGB lights to customize on the headset, and let’s not even mention the surround sound setting. Surround sound settings and sound quality is supposed to be exciting and amplified. Although the sound is amplified and louder, the compression in the high range sounds when toggled wasn’t anything that I would ever use.


hyperx cloud ii wireless 2

So the mic quality test is a test best done by the reviewer. What I mean is, my buddies weren’t helping me out much by telling me the quality is “good.” So this left me to take it to the video editing streets and test the grade out with narration, and must I say, I was underwhelmed, extremely. The audio quality works for general chat, but anything past chat, good luck using it. If you want a multi-function headset that also works for professional audio recording for content, please look elsewhere. The quality of this mic is unusable for content creation and really missed the mark.


The HyperX Cloud II Wireless headset offers worthy speakers to the wireless gaming hardware market. The 2.4ghz frequency band allows you to run around your room or house while staying fully connected to your computer and friends. Wireless audio and gear can change the way you experience the tech we use every day. When it comes to the HyperX Cloud II Wireless, I find it strikes out with the quality expected at the price point, with lacking aesthetic and mic sound. Still, I do find the audio quality makes up the ground for a headset that honestly could use a bit more complexity, features, and overall swag. Using it for its intended purpose of wirelessly playing games on PS4, Switch, or PC with quality sound was where this product showed its premium features and not to mention the very comfortable earcups. Usually, clean and straightforward is where I lean, but there’s definitely still room to grow for this wireless product.


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