Omen Vector Wireless Mouse Review – For the Classy Gamer

    Product: Vector Wireless Mouse
    Intended Use: Gaming
    Manufacturer: Omen
    MSRP: 99.99

As HP Omen continues to rebrand their position and style within the gaming accessory industry, we are seeing a new wireless vector mouse instead of the currently existing vector wired mouse. Now with the vector wireless mouse, we can enjoy extremely low latency speeds, hyper-fast charging with long-lasting hours, and RGB customizability compacted into a simple, efficient product. Would you buy a wireless mouse if all your typical qualms with wireless were dispelled? I feel like this one can change your mind.

On the first touch of this mouse, you may perceive it to be on the larger size, but after some use, it seems about average compared to most mice that we see today. I think the problem for myself is where my fingers land compared to where the sweet spot for the clicks is. If you are a severe claw gamer or have smaller hands, you may have trouble reaching these more comfortable areas.

Other than that, I thought the clicks were crisp and just right. Not too soft, not too hard, the porridge was just right. The mouse does have a “plastic” feeling to it and is a little on the light side, but it’s not a significant flaw since the overall shape compensates for this.


I think the mouse’s simplicity hits close to home for me, as I have time for fewer games, and I tend to lean towards a cleaner, more straightforward product. Still, the rubber grips could be a bit more rubbery to give it a bit more grip after long uses. Furthermore, if the buttons on the side of the mouse were slightly lower, I would fall in love with it as they seem to have just missed the mark on the macro button placement.

These issues only really affect me, though, but hey, this is my review. Regardless of placement, the macro keys feel well constructed and are ready to be spam clicked; the DPI button is also decently made along with the mouse wheel button. On the other hand, the mouse wheel is nothing special, you can spin it, but I felt it was a bit restrictive. More spins, less effort, please.

The gliders on the bottom of the mouse feel well thought out with good coverage of the base for lack of friction. The RGB features seemed a bit hazy and not as sharp as other lights I’ve seen, but they get the job done. Its just lights at the end of the day. It would be extra dope if the “OMEN” text under the logo had lights too, but I don’t want to take anyone’s job at OMEN.


I played a decent amount of gaming on my PC with the mouse before concluding that there would be no reason to complain about the Omen Vector Wireless’ performance. The mouse is smooth, fast, and accurate. I tend to have to struggle to get used to new mice at first, but I was up and running in no time with this one. It just felt great to use. I used to be nerdy about wired vs. wireless, but now my desk is cluttered, and anywhere I can get rid of one wire, I will.

The performance on new wireless is too good to be anti-wireless. Its 2020, people, get rid of that wire. I previously went through the omen software a bit more in my older Omen Photon review, but basically we have the same menus to alter your lighting, macro keys, and DPI settings. The mouse features up to 8 DPI speed presets cocked and loaded for a quick change. You can also customize the mouse buttons to do just about anything you like. The lighting features are simple and easy to change, just how I like it. Omen does have a very clean layout within their software, and I appreciate the effort not to overwhelm the general audience buying these products.

The only issue I have with this mouse is the weight and the sweet spot on the left and right click. I like the shape of the paddle clickers a lot, making this perfect for its intended audience. If you are looking for spare macro keys, customizability, and style, this mouse probably isn’t for you. Still, if you are a simpleton like myself, this mouse packs a punch with excellent performance and efficiency, and how about that 180-hour battery life? Yes, it charges fully in an hour and a half.


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