Razer Kishi Review – A Mobile Game Changer

    Product: Kishi
    Intended Use: Mobile Gaming
    Manufacturer: Razer
    MSRP: $99.99

The Razer Kishi has got me blushing. After seeing the product’s general aesthetic, and realizing its functionality, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this unique device. Razer saw an opportunity in the mobile cloud gaming space and partnered with Xbox to release this fully compatible android USB-c controller that promises Xbox game pass support.

No, sadly, that service isn’t available now and we’ll have to wait until September 15 to remotely play halo, but at least we can get comfortable with the device in the meantime. To reiterate this, we are stuck playing mobile games and apps from our Android device, so that’s what this review will be based on. Be sure to let us know if you want a follow-up video on the performance with xCloud when it’s available.


Holding the Kishi feels right, as my mobile device rested comfortably between the device’s controllers. It didn’t take long for me to feel comfortable with the product in my hands’ thanks to the similarities that it shares with the Xbox controller’s iconic design.

The responsiveness and overall feel of the buttons were much better than most aftermarket controllers and accessories on the market today, and they don’t seem like they’ll wear down over time. My XL android phone fits snug in the device, which ultimately makes it look similar to the Nintendo Switch. However, unlike Nintendo’s handheld, this product takes advantage of my hi-res OLED displays. I was super pleased with the design, and rigidness the Kishi had to offer.

Razer Kishi 3

I should probably acknowledge that I am not the biggest fan of mobile gaming. I don’t particularly enjoy touch screen controls, input lag, or just playing games on my phone in general. However, the Kishi might change my stance on this as it blurs the lines between mobile gaming experiences. Still, a lot rides on the future xCloud support.

The games I was able to test out with the device were easy to pick up and play without much trouble wrapping my head around the control schemes. To prove my case, I tried out a multiplayer shooter, and with the power of the Kishi, on my first game, I went 15 kills with 0 deaths, carrying my team to an unfair victory.

Razer Kishi 2

This controller definitely gives you the edge, almost like back in the day when someone had the modded controller on Call of Duty. You can’t outplay a controller user on a mobile phone touch screen. I rest my case.

I also tried out a tilt steering racing game, which adapted the tilt into a normal joystick control scheme. Everything was seamless and relatively enjoyable, I say relatively because at the end of the day, these are mobile games, and I probably won’t ever use this controller for that reason.

During my time with the device, I did experience a little input lag, but after a quick test without the Kishi connected, I didn’t find much of a reason to blame the Kishi for this. Currently, without Xcloud compatibility, this product is overkill for the supported mobile games. However, when Xbox Game Pass brings its library of games to the mobile store, I can see this being a must-own for mobile gamers.

Razer Kishi 4

For what the Kishi is right now, the product has the potential to be game-changing hardware in the mobile space. However, its usage is relying heavily on a service that is currently not available yet. In the event that everything runs smoothly with xCloud, I would say that the Kishi is the Switch’s biggest competitor as we head into the next console generation.


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