Corsair iCUE Nexus Review – A PC Nerd’s Dream Attachment

    Product: iCUE Nexus
    Intended Use: Everyday Accessibility
    Manufacturer: Corsair
    MSRP: $99.99

So let me just start off by saying that if there were a new product to change the way we creatively interact with our pcs, it would be the new Corsair iCUE Nexus. This tool will open up a whole new world to macro key lovers everywhere as redundant tasks, and time-consuming clicks become a thing of the past. To top it all off, it looks so damn cool.

The Corsair Nexus is sophisticated yet straightforward, depending on how much you want to take advantage of its features. This is basically the first smartphone/tablet for your gaming machine, controlling anything you want, literally anything, onto a keyboard mounted touchpad. Media Keys, application launch buttons, background images, custom icons, internal temperature and performance graphs, and more. This is a nerds dream.

Powering on the iCUE Nexus is easy, but to get the most out of it, you’ll have to dive a little deeper into the instructions. There are three different types of mounts, depending on what Corsair Keyboard you have. However, it should be noted that the mounts are only compatible with K70 RGB Mk2 and the K95 RGB Platinum series, but they provide you with a sleek and well-made housing for your tabletop if you cant mount it.

The Nexus sat snug up against my keyboard with no negative space, which is a plus, given that it appears to a part of the whole keyboard. There is a USB wire that must be plugged into the keyboard but is short enough not to be noticeable.

I liked the overall design, but I must say that the screen is quite small for the space available on the device. I wouldn’t mind a premium option with a bigger screen. Sadly, the screen itself doesn’t have a great viewing angle, nor does it output 8-bit colors well, which requires you to be looking straight at it. This ends up not being a massive deal since You’ll be sitting in front of your keyboard most of the time, and the brightness of the device makes viewing more comfortable.

Corsair Nexus 2

The overall user experience within Corsair’s iCUE software has always been approachable in my time with it. Now paired with the Corsair Nexus, and everything just became more accessible. The devices give users the ability to swipe left and right to view multiple types of custom setups. Its a very intuitive device, that I can see working well for any type of computer user.

One of my favorite features is allowing the display to read my CPU load, and even my GPU temperature, as I can tell when to be careful while running intense programs. It also frees up main screen space since I don’t have to open or close any windows. I even took customization a step further and turned my computer into a transformer, by adding audio tracks that play when I open specific applications. I added our website logo noise to my link to the site and our YouTube studio page. I also recorded myself, added effects, and tried to sound like an evil robot, take a listen…….

Corsair Nexus

Overall, I had no roadblocks on my journey of customizing this useful gadget. I did, however, experience one screen freeze, which I fixed by unplugging the unit. The touch screen and buttons are responsive, yet controlled, the screen feels good to the touch, and you just feel cool using this product.

I’d like to also mention that the Nexus is excellent for controlling your entire corsair ecosystem, and with this product, now is the best time to hop on board. Preset control pages populate as you install new corsair devices, making it exponentially easier to get the most out of your products. Products like the ST100 headset stand and the MM800 RGB Mousepad can be color synced and controlled via Nexus and the iCUE software. The unit takes brand loyalty a step further when controlling your RGB products.

Corsair Nexus 3

The iCUE Nexus is a groundbreaking product and useable for most PC users. It offers numerous handy features such as macros and quick action settings and allows you to take full control of your PC and Corsair products through iCUE, but this time you don’t have to minimize your window. Your whole computer is essentially at your fingertips, waiting to be customized.


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