Key Light Air Review – The Best Way to Brighten Your Stream

    Product: Key Light Air
    Intended Use: Streaming/Vlog
    Manufacturer: Elgato
    MSRP: $129.99

In the past, we didn’t have to worry too much about video quality, given that recording technology just wasn’t all that advanced. However, now that everyone has some type of 1080p recording device available, the picture can look like it was recorded ten years ago without proper lighting. There’s a significant difference when it comes to products available, so today, we are going to take a look at the Elgato Key Light Air. With its compact design and easy to set up features, this could very well be the best light available for your stream.

It’s easy to see just how sturdy the Key Light Air is once you get it in your hands. The think rubber below the base does a great job keep the unit in place without allowing it to wobble around. However, this unit is rather top-heavy, so if you hit it or knock somethings against it, it will most likely tip over.

The size of the Key Light Air is a huge plus. It just makes it easy to get into tight spots of a cluttered desk or fit perfectly on a smaller desk. Ultimately, those with limited space will find this product to be extremely easy to set up without taking away space that they don’t really have.

The Key Light Air has a great aesthetic that will appeal to those who are trying to create a home studio set up. The cable management system works nicely all the way down to the base. It’s also worth mentioning that the light comes with multiple types of plug/outlet adapters depending on your outlet shape, which is a nice little bonus. Although the power cable is a decent length, I wouldn’t have complained if it was a little longer.

key light air 3

I had a bit of trouble mounting the light to the pole stand, but maybe it was just me, regardless, the entire set up was painless and easy to manage. Thankfully, setting up the light and connecting it to my computer and phone provided a similarly smooth experience, and I was quickly adjusting the settings to my liking after plugging everything in.

There are a few different features on the light, one of my favorites being the temperature adjustment that allowed me to customize the tone with warmer colors. It almost gave off a relaxing ambiance during long play sessions and didn’t become a distraction. However, one thing that I’ll mention is that this light does what it was built to do, which means you are pretty limited to vlogs or streaming. Those who spend time with photography or professional video will find that the light isn’t as bright as some other options out there.

Which, leads me to my next point, assuming that most people don’t have baller cameras to pick up the slack on lighting corrections. I would suggest picking up another Key Light Air if your room lighting is inadequate to make a lighting pair on your desk. One for left, one for right. Without two, I worry that one won’t do all the work you’d expect it too.

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Given that the price for one unit is $120, you’re looking at around $250 after taxes for a pair. The regular model Key Light begins at $220 after taxes. So you can make your judgments on what is a better deal and how you want your set up to look like. If you aren’t fumbling to find space on your desk, the mounted Key Light will be a great option to get those brighter tones and more professional appeal, but if you’re just looking to jump in a start streaming, the Key Light Air is definitely a phenomenal product.

The Key Light Air is an exceptional product and perfect for those looking to boost the visual quality of their streams. It fits in almost any space, no matter how clutter, and it’s incredibly easy to set up.


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