Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro (2020) Review – An Entry Level Gaming Mouse

    Product: Dark Core (2019 Model)
    Intended Use: MOBA/FPS
    Manufacturer: Corsair
    MSRP: $69.99

When looking for a gaming mouse, there’s a lot out there. Looking at what types of games are an excellent place to start, but then if you find yourself neck-deep in a range of genres, well, things can get complicated. It comes down to comfort in whatever you are doing, from editing to gaming.

Today, we are looking at the Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro, a mouse designed around FPS and MOBA games. While this is the target audience, we are also testing the mouse through editing and other genres as well.

Before a lengthy gaming session, I messed around with some of the Dark Core’s features. Corsair allows users to reprogram the DPI up button as a DPI toggle button, leaving the DPI down button open for whatever you want. While this is a nice feature, it would have been easier if the default was one button for toggling and one button free for programming or if it just used the DPI down button for some other action.

I customized the DPI profiles a bit to my liking, which was confusing at first, but after a few minutes, I picked up on the details and set the profiles to my preferred speeds. I ended up really liking the three different speeds to use on the fly without having to change profiles. As a designer, I have to memorize multiple software settings, hotkeys, and macros. However, to start mapping those onto different profiles on the mouse might end hurting me in the long run. However, for a gamer, this is great if you have multiple favorite games and really want to create a macro key speed edge over your opponent. There are plenty of buttons and options to get the job done, without hoarding the mouse with buttons will not encounter an unpleasant experience.

Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro 3

When I first used the mouse, I thought the left click was too firm, but the more I click it, the more I preferred how defined the click was rather than accidentally clicking a sensitive mouse. The mouse has a plastic feel to it that wasn’t my favorite, but the bright side is that it won’t get that dirty, and it seems easy to clean.

I really enjoyed where the Dark Core’s RGB lights up, along with its customizable options in iCUE. Having the opportunity to pick and choose your favorite light profile was fun, as it lets you make this mouse yours. Personally, I decided to make it static blue to match my room and color scheme. As I worked, I changed the color of the DPI light to orange to offset the constant blue, which looked awesome. However, you can’t change individual light zones in the static color setting. Another added feature is color linking your corsair keyboard with the mouse, which is nice if you want the entire set up in sync and in style.

The Dark Core can be wired to charge and play. I’ve always preferred the speeds of wired mice, but nowadays, the wireless experience has far improved, and the Dark Core won’t hurt your gaming performance, especially with the enhanced slipstream in the Corsair mouse. There’s also a  Bluetooth setting, which is an excellent feature for grab-and-go laptop players, or in the event, you lose the provided dongle.

Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro 1

My first impressions with the Dark Core were positive, but for the price, I may have weighed my options with other mice. However, if you have other corsair products, your buying choices might be made more accessible.

The mouse wheel is decent but seems to be underwhelming, in my opinion. It’s also limiting with my scrolling speed due to defined hinge points. As an artist, I tend to work as fast as I can, and in my small brain, I lose seconds because of a few extra scrolls!

Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro 2

After using the mouse for a week and testing it for hours across the Adobe Suite software and countless matches of Call of Duty: Warzone, I found that the mouse responds great to fast turns and twists with the low or high DPI settings performing equally well on various surfaces. The mouse is built for larger hands and is surprisingly dense with no weight adjustment options.

The Dark Core is fun to customize with the iCUE software, which enhances the overall user experience. The mouse has a general beautiful aesthetic, which for the price, offers value and functionality that other hardware might cut corners on. Furthermore, the mouse doesn’t feel cheap, but in my experience with it, the right-click did feel a little loose. One area of improvement that I’d like to point out is that the wheel could use some adjustments as its a bit too defined, which ended up just slowing me down. Additionally, the pinky grip is not my favorite.

The most glaring issue with this product is found in the negative space on the thumb. For just a little more, you can purchase the same mouse with wireless charging and a thumb sniper button panel.


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