Last Week on Indie Steam – Action, Metroidvanias, and a Free Visual Novel

sIt seems we have an exceptional week, with lots of action, from Metroidvania to fast-paced roguelikes, it’s all here.

This is my type of week, plenty of adrenaline and explosions, with unique artistic approaches. But don’t worry, there’s a cute Visual-Novel as well, and it’s free. Another week of tremendous potential from indie developers.

Metal Unit – February 3 / NEOWIZ

Metal Unit
Metal Unit is a pixelated rogue-like action game that also might be appealing to bullet-hell fans. Not to mention everyone who’s looking for a good challenge. The title already has Mostly Positive review scores on Steam as it sets you against a worldwide threat, playing as Joanna, a soldier on a mission to capture her treasonous sister.

GOD STARFIGHTER – February 4 / Nerd Commando Game Studios

Do you miss Space Invaders? I’m sure up to some point, you return to the classic but felt something was missing. Well, here it is, Space Invaders but fusing rogue-like features and puzzle mechanics to make the combats more interesting. The game also has innovative guns, equipment and enemies, tough choices, and light humor.

Moe Era – February 4 / Comfy Company

Moe Era
Let’s get the most obvious fact out of the way here. The game is free! No reason why you can’t enjoy it if you love visual novels. The art style is very soothing and clean and has a Very Positive review score on Steam. There are multiple routes to find yourself on and a relaxing soundtrack. Definitely worth the try, and don’t worry about the in-game purchases. The experience is a 100% guarantee.

The Wild Age – February 4 / McMagic Productions

The Wild Age
The Wild Age is our tower-defense of the week but in a micro-management strategic approach. I like this art style, and its simplistic approach to mechanics, so I’m sure it will please those looking for a more casual experience, any time you have a couple of hours to burn.

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Tactics – February 4 / En Masse Entertainment

The Dark Crystal
I find these type of turn-based RPG super charming. The small world-like arena, where due to its limitations, small movements make all the difference. Entirely 3D with a fantastic design, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Tactics is a party-based adventure full of magic. Appealing combats and interesting mechanics make it a must for turn-based enthusiasts.

The Blind Prophet – February 5 / ARS GOETIA, Plug In Digital, Maple Whispering Limited

The Blind Prophet 6
The Blind Prophet is a gorgeously dark journey with a stunning aesthetic and captivating narrative that will stay with me for quite some time. The point-and-click elements pared with the game’s dark tone immersed me for the entirety of this adventure. Any gamer looking for a morbidly afflicting experience will find it here.
– Taken from Ian Goudelock’s Review.

Apple Slash – February 5 / Agelvik

Apple Slash
This action-adventure is one of those games presented in black and white while having the blood, bright red. I always loved this concept, as it increases the violence perspective even though, in this case, it’s turned into a fun 2D side scroller.

KUNAI – February 6 / The Arcade Crew, Gamera Games

KUNAI is a love letter for those who easily fall for Metroidvanias featuring fast movements and rich in its sound design. The visuals look a bit washed out, but I love the style, and considering how many particles there are on screen, the low color saturation portraying a unique design was a smart move — one top title for this week.

ScourgeBringer – February 6 / Dear Villagers

ScourgeBringer is a fully working recipe of roguelike Metroidvania, in a procedural generation 2D side scroller. How does all this work? Let’s say it’s quite frantic and intense, but likewise fun.

Stoneshard – February 6 / HypeTrain Digital

Imagine Witcher 3, Skyrim, or perhaps even Gothic series. Vast, wild, untamed, filled with adventures waiting for you. But, in 2D. This is how immersive and well-put-together Stoneshard is. An expansive RPG in pleasant and smoothing retro visuals, but with an impressive deck of details. A wonder to behold, especially if you’re a fan of RPG’s.

Void Destroyer 2 – February 7 / Iteration 11

Void Destroyer 2
Many games allow you to take over the world, but Void Destroyer 2 sets you for the universe. Start with nothing but a generic ship, and arranged for an adventure across the stars. Inspired by the classics, this title does everything right. A beacon for sandbox strategy fans, which it’s already Very Positive on Steam, but that doesn’t come as a surprise at all.

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