Cooler Master MM711 Gaming Mouse Review – An Impressive, Low Cost Bundle of Joy

    Product: MM711 Gaming Mouse
    Intended Use: Gaming
    Manufacturer: Cooler Master
    MSRP: $49.99

Typically, wired products tend to find themselves in a weird 2021 conundrum. Is wired worth it in today’s times? Also, does more expense necessarily equate to a better product? Well, the Cooler Master MM711 Wired Gaming Mouse seems to break the ice and answers these questions wholesomely. 

Style / Feel / Build / Hardware

The Cooler Master Mm711 is quite an excellent mouse to feast your eyes on. The honeycomb hollowed-out RGB body style is probably the nicest aesthetic you can find. The RGB interior fills up the negative see-through space, making the mouse feel more customizable to your PC desk setting. It’s also quite airy, so I don’t find my palms sweating as much, which is worth noting because I was genuinely concerned about filling the mouse with sweat, as gross as that sounds. NOT WITH THIS MOUSE.

Next, the mouse offers products in glossy and matte, but I have the matte version, and after seeing both, I can go either way. Both styles are cool and offer different vibes. The mouse hosts 3 customizable body buttons—two on the left side near your thumb. Below the scroll wheel, we have the preset DPI button, which I recommend leaving as is. The button placement is perfect, and I wouldn’t ask for any changes.


The paddle clickers are super responsive and quick, almost making you feel like you are getting better at clicking, accuracy, and productivity. The mouse just feels good in your hand and clicks just as well. It’s important to mention that the mouse is on the medium to small size, so it may be a turn-off if you have big hands like me. However, I didn’t find the size to deter me from using the mouse, and it increasingly grew on me every time I held it.

The Cooler Master MM711 is the lightest gaming mouse I have ever used, weighing in at 60grams. I tend to like a little more weight, but there is just something about this mouse that hooks me without even talking about performance. It’s just fun to use, and you won’t know that until you purchase it. The attached braided cable is lighter than a feather, and there is no mouse drag from the wire. I was impressed by this, as I HATE wire drag, and I always pin the wire down with some makeshift weight. Thank you for making a light wire. The length of the wire is also decently long, about 7 feet, so it should hopefully reach your PC. Lastly, the bottom of the mouse gloats high-end gliders, and as they are a bit grippy, I once again learned to appreciate the build. The MM711 is crafted for the gamer, from top to bottom. 

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Performance / Hands on Use / Features / User Experience / Analysis / Etc.

The performance of the MM711 does not hold back after a worthy impression on build quality. Before getting any more involved, I’d like to point out that this mouse is only $49.99, a fantastic budget price point. Furthermore, it offers up to 16K DPI if you need it, with a lifetime of 20 million clicks; I’m not worried about breaking this thing when I spam click from anxiety.

Other than that, I hopped into some games with some friends, and I was highly delighted to use this mouse during gameplay. It’s just light and simple to maneuver with. This mouse doesn’t hinder accuracy, and the experience makes you feel much more involved in the game. The responsive clicks add to the immersion as well. The mouse wheel could have more notches or appeal, but I find most mice don’t have a nice mouse wheel. Oh well, at least you can customize the RGB on the wheel, which is a significant plus.

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Although I think the MasterPlus+ software UI can be better designed, I won’t discredit the features this mouse offers. DPI presets offer up to 7 DPI speeds programmed in a rotation on your DPI button. I like level 4, and I tend to customize less than others. You could mess with the X and Y-axis if you were that nerdy about your mouse laser. You can also change button response time and double click speed, which is interesting.

Additionally, you can register your mousepad surface by repeating a Z pattern in the software. It’s almost like a placebo feature after you see it once. You just believe you need to record your surface.

The mouse allows you to fully customize the body buttons and even the mouse wheel clicks, along with the scroll up and down wheel. You can register anything from single-click actions to macro actions through Cooler Masters profiles and macros registration. Again, a little poorly designed but does the same thing as the rest of the brands out there.

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With the RGB, there are many different styles of lighting effects to choose from, but I like the breathing effect. Once again, the hollow design of this mouse amplifies the RGB, and it makes this mouse feel like the most gamer mouse ever. After using the mouse for a few days, I found that due to my hand size and wrist placement, it does give me some cramps over time. It’s hard to blame the mouse for that, but it’s important to mention how the grip feels over time. The mouse just sits a bit lower than what I am used to. It would be cool to see a version of this mouse with wings because there is nowhere to rest my extra floating fingers due to the size, weight, and price trade-off.  

Through thick and thin, the Cooler Master MM711 never ceased to impress me. Starting at its relatively low cost, I would imagine some lack of quality somewhere. However, this mouse proves otherwise with great build quality, speed, accuracy, weight, and style. I especially like the style and light cord more than anything, as this mouse is far from a nuisance on your desk and in your hand.


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