Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Reveals Raccoon City and Horizon Zero Dawn Collaboration Details

Capcom announced new events headed to Monster Hunter World: Iceborne on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for November.

Beginning on November 7, players can experience a new free event that brings Raccoon City to the title. During the event, players will meet Leon, Claire, and Tyrant in a new quest. Also, players will be able to acquire materials after completing the event to craft Leon α+ and Claire α+ layered armor sets and three Raccoon City-themed pendants to add to their weapons. As Raccoon City takes over the game, players will fight off zombies as the world takes on a horrific theme. Players are also able to show off the macabre adobes, with things like a typewriter (yes, you can save your game) and item box, as friends visit their rooms. This collaboration also contains some paid DLC featuring the Tyrant’s costume.

Additionally, on November 21, players will be able to play the first round of an exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds collaboration. During the event, players who are MR24 or above have a chance to craft a Light Bowgun based on Aloy’s Stormslinger Prototype. The collaboration also has a quest that will reward players will special material used to craft equipment form the title.

The Monster Hunter World: Iceborne expansion brings with it a new feature called Hunter Helper for players to help other progress through the main campaign to get them to the point where they are ready for the Iceborne content. Helpful players will get rewarded with exclusive in-game Pendants and Trophies for assisting other hunters.

Picking up from the end of the storyline in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne will have players join forces with the Research Commission once again to explore the undiscovered new land of Hoarfrost Reach. Following an unusual sighting of Legiana from the Ancient Forest, the team journeys across the waters to a new locale with a frigid climate covered in snow and ice. As pioneers, the group soon sets up a new base camp in Hoarfrost Reach called Seliana, which serves as a warm HQ with resources to prepare them for the challenging quests that await.

Monster Hunter: World Iceborne will launch on PC on January 9, 2020.

You can check out new screenshots below:

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