Max Payne & Quantum Break Not a Part of the Remedy Connected Universe

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Sam Lake, Creative Director at Remedy Entertainment, breaks down the latest trailer and discusses what elements link together the Remedy Connected Universe.

This universe links Remedy’s games into a single collective that affects each other in small and big ways, whether these were simple references to events in a prior competition or a full cameo of a character like in Control‘s AWE DLC.

Most fans thought that this included all of the company’s previous titles. However, when Sam was questioned about Mr. Door, a late-night talk show host featured in the latest Alan Wake 2 trailer, Sam said that Max Payne and Quantum Break are currently not in Remedy’s plans regarding the connected universe.

Sam Lake went on to say, “I don’t want to shoot them down on that level. We are making questions possible and giving ideas to people so that they can then form their own theories. I think that’s very much part of the fun.”

So, while officially, they are not part of any plans; this doesn’t mean that fans can’t speculate and have their own fun with the connected universe. Even if they aren’t there, that won’t stop them from being potential easter eggs for fans to hunt down.

In case you missed the trailer in question, you can check out coverage of it.

You can also read the full interview with Entertainment Weekly here.

Alan Wake 2 is an intense story and a layered mystery that takes players on two disturbing journeys, running in parallel and echoing each other in strange and unexpected ways,” said Sam Lake, Creative Director and Lead Writer of Alan Wake 2. “A newcomer to Alan Wake’s world, FBI Agent Saga Anderson’s investigation offers players a unique lens into this survival horror experience.”

Alan Wake 2 will launch for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S on October 27, 2023.

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