Studio Ghibli-Inspired Adventure ‘Europa’ Announces 2024 Release; Demo Now Available

Indie dev Helder Pinto and publisher Future Friends Games have announced that their upcoming adventure game inspired by the memorable projects of Studio Ghibli, Europa, will launch in 2024. 

Additionally, a new trailer was released highlighting the newly available demo on Steam.

Taking place on the titular moon, “a lush terraformed paradise in Jupiter’s shadow,” an android named Zee sets off on an adventure yearning for answers about their creator, the last human alive.

Players will explore a genuinely breathtaking world full of mountains, lakes, mountains, and ruins by utilizing the Zephyr jetpack, which can be upgraded for enhanced seamlessness. Momentum is also embraced thanks to a boost system, enabling swift traversal. On their journey, players will learn various secrets and solve several puzzles. The core of the narrative here revolves around growing up and humanity’s relationship with nature itself.

Europa has been a passion project of the developer’s for roughly six years, so seeing it evolve so thoroughly is pretty neat. I can’t help but feel immensely nostalgic for the first Ni no Kuni when seeing this title in action, which is a game developed in partnership with Studio Ghibli.

You can view the demo trailer for Europa below:

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