Corsair CX750F RGB Modular Power Supply Review – Thought You Didn’t RGB in Your Power Supply? Think Again

    Product: CX750F RGB Modular Power Supply
    Intended Use: Power Supply Unit for PC
    Manufacturer: Corsair
    MSRP: 109.99

When I sit down and ponder my next PC build, I usually like to try new things. Building a PC can be exciting, but do you really need RGB everywhere? Originally, I would have told you, “No, you don’t need this light smothering your interior.” But then I installed the RGB power supply in an RGB heavy set-up, and must I say; I was dead wrong.

It turns out you do need RGB everything, and your addiction starts at the base of your hopefully functioning computer, the power supply. Let’s dive into an affordable solution to this problem, the Corsair CX750F RGB Power Supply.

Style / Feel / Build / Hardware

The Corsair CX750F RGB Power Supply feels like any other power supply to me. Solid brick of metal seemingly durable enough to throw against the wall. The device offers the ability to be flipped on its back to switch the fan’s purpose, referring to intake or exhaust. I choose to have the fan facing up to see it in the case, or else why buy it, really.

The power supply mounted right in the case without any trouble. In general, there really are no complaints about the build or the provided cables. Included are every cable needed to build most to all rigs out of the box, along with providing wires for your motherboard. The CX750F is also fully modular, with no fixed cables. Not to mention, the build quality of the wires are thick and seem more durable than most cables you’d find in a cheaper set-up.


Spending your mighty dollar goes a long way in longevity and respect in PC nerd culture. They even provide zip ties for wire management in “case” your case has poor interior management snake holes, or you get lazy. Overall, there is nothing not to like with the out of the box build. Corsair never seems to disappoint when it comes to providing watts to your PC parts. Still, the provided cables can always be a little longer, but I had no problem reaching my motherboard slot or other power slots even after wire management through the case used during this review.

Performance / Hands on Use / Features / User Experience / Analysis / Etc.

The Corsair Cx750F Power Supply packs a punch at 750W, which is more than enough for most consumers looking into this product. If you have a mid-tier build between $800-$1800, typically 750W should cover your power consumption needs. On that note, be aware that at $110 retail, along with a bronze rating, you pay a pretty penny up front, which is steep for lack of power efficiency.

Unfortunately, if you came here for intricate specifications copy and pasted from the product listing on , you came to the wrong place, but I will say it works and will continue to power my PC for its lifetime. I hope that is enough to satisfy you because all you’re really looking for in a Power Supply review is if it turns and has enough power to support my components, which it does.


From a features standpoint, there is a bit of a learning curve to operate this product correctly, as the instructions aren’t exactly clear. You have 3 ways of using the RGB features. It is controlled through the RGB button on the back, which only works if your motherboard ARGB software and your Corsair iCUE software is closed in the background processes. Otherwise, you control it through your motherboards ARGB support or iCUE.

The choice is yours, but for this review, we used ARGB control. Although we did try the iCUE control, the power supply had a nicer look when linked to the motherboard RGB, RAM, and other case components. I was even able to have the CX750F change lights to music, audio output, and various other settings through ARGB (This is subject to change depending on what software you use, but I thought it was worthy of mentioning). Therefore the power supply is just fun to have. The power supply ran quiet and didn’t pose as an annoyance in any way, which is expected from a cube.


At first, I was skeptical about spending a little extra dough for such an overlooked part of your computer to have more RGB. I was proven wrong by Corsair’s CX750F, as I couldn’t stop smiling while looking at a PC build with almost everything RGB. The added touch with the power supply lights fills in the negative space in your build, adding ambiance to parts of your pc you’re not used to having lit up.

Still, I’m not too fond of the bronze rating, but if you really want RGB, I think you may have to pick this up even with the higher price. Something was endearing about the power supply, and it inspired me to look into RGB products a bit more. After all, you already spend so much on your PC builds; what’s another $20 or so.

If you’re too cool for RGB, or you actually care about your wallet, then fine, maybe look elsewhere, but for a mid-tier build that doesn’t need high power, this is such a fun product to add to your build, and you won’t regret it.


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