Corsair K60 RGB Pro Wired Gaming Keyboard Review – I Remember When Wired Was Better…

    Product: K60 RGB Pro
    Intended Use: PC Gaming Keyboard
    Manufacturer: Corsair
    MSRP: 99.99

At one point or another, everyone longs for that expensive gaming keyboard that does the fancy bright lights and such. However, sometimes we forget that we are limited on cash, so we wind up buying peripherals that aren’t related to gaming at all. This might leave you with a regular keyboard with no RGB lights or software to program buttons with. If only I were there to remind you that for only a little more money, you can get an entry-level gaming keyboard that does the blinky light thing. Ah, yes, the K60 RGB Pro mechanical gaming keyboard from Corsair is here to save the day. But wait, it costs $90? I don’t know about this, and I can explain.

Style / Feel / Build / Hardware

One look at the K60 RGB Pro, and you’ll notice that the design is not that impressive as it appears to mirror a more general keyboard appearance. It’s not ugly; it just looks basic. I tend to expect a little swag other than RGB lights in a gaming keyboard, but it has a nice imprint of the Corsair logo and a small K60 print on the bottom left corner. I can appreciate the little things. The texture is also nice, which is used rather than using a smooth gloss look. Corsair continues the rugged look that adds a rough grit feeling to the board. I like the size of the keys, which are comfortable after some use. It is surprisingly satisfying to type with, even though I have used more responsive keyboards. You need to put a bit more pressure on keypresses, though, so you may encounter some issues if you are a light tapper.


I found myself having to actively click harder on the keys to register to the screen. This took time to get used to and was a bit of a turn-off. The Keys were a bit crammed together, vertically on the y-axis, to be exact, leaving my muscle memory thrown off, and I had to adjust my grip not to miss click. I also want to mention that this board does have a very springy feel to it, and not in the right way. I audibly will hear a spring-like retracting noise, almost like a plastic toy from the early 2000s. It’s not a significant problem due to the sound’s subtle nature, but it’s there. Corsair also did not provide a keycap removal tool, and I feel like I can snap these keys in half if I rip them the wrong way. Moving on to RGB quality. I do like the color range capabilities of the K60 RGB Pro.

The brightness seems to hold up enough to provide a wide range of the SRGB spectrum. The lights can definitely be brighter, but I just like my brightness. We see a number pad on this keyboard, which is a plus for me, and we do have light indicators for caps lock and more, which is also nice to see. The kickstands on the board’s bottom hold up well and don’t seem to fold up when I accidentally shift the board. Weirdly enough, I also find the white blob gel capsules under the keycaps as an enjoyable aesthetic. Something is endearing about the way it absorbs the RGB lights, and it looks clean.


Performance / Hands on Use / Features / User Experience / Analysis / Etc.

When it comes to performance, the K60 RGB Pro is affected by the cost. I encountered some hindered speeds and response times between the thicker keypress and the viola mechanical keys. I just felt like this keyboard wanted to slow me down. It’s tough to notice this when playing certain games, but I find it easier to type. On the other hand, this keyboard offers no programmable macro keys other than your basic function keys. Still, it’s possible to override any keyboard key into a macro with the iCUE software. And don’t forget, you can even make profiles for specific games or scenarios, so you don’t cripple your keyboard.


I wish they had a few stand-alone macros, but that would add to the board’s cost and size. When it comes down to it, this keyboard will get the job done, as the performance could be a lot worse. If you are itching to get into the RGB ecosystem within the Corsair line of products, this is a viable item for your holiday gift list. It won’t break the bank, and it will give you that RGB flare you’ve always wanted. Side note, the cable on the keyboard seems slightly flimsy compared to other keyboards as it is just regular cable rubber. Make sure you don’t accidentally shred it.

I feel like any keyboard that doesn’t come with a wrist guard is a no go for me, but I can’t just ostracize every board off from one factor. For the average gamer looking to spruce up their desk without hurting their wallet, the K60 RGB Pro will offer exactly what you require. However, after some time, you’re going to want something more robust that will deliver a quicker response. The price is a bit high for a budget-friendly keyboard, but those mechanical keys and RPG settings may be worth it for the weekend PC gamer.


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