Corsair Katar Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse Review – A Handy Budget iCUE Product

    Product: Katar Pro Wireless
    Intended Use: Gaming Mouse
    Manufacturer: Corsair
    MSRP: 39.99

Typically when gamers make the jump from console to PC, they put out most of their budget for a high-end processor and graphics card, but you may forget the various peripherals that you need, such as a mouse, keyboard, headset, screen, and more. Luckily, Corsair comes in hot with different budget gaming options for those putting everything into their rig. Today we are looking into the Katar Pro Wireless gaming mouse from Corsair. This budget mouse is one of many new releases for the holidays with a smaller price tag, and it certainly is worth looking at.

Style / Feel / Build / Hardware

The style of the Katar Pro Wireless isn’t one to jump a fence over, but Corsair keeps it clean and straightforward. The mouse features a grippy textured plastic for those with sweaty palms, but it is on the smaller side with no side grips. I have a large hand, and I found it awkward, resting my pinky and thumb up against the mouse’s lower sides. Still, I got used to it as I tend not to be overly picky about grip, but too small of a mouse can be a problem. Overall, the Katar Pro Wireless is decently comfortable. The clickers were fun and responsive, and I really have no complaints about efficiency in the responsiveness. I did find the scroll wheel click a bit stiff and sticky, but I do like to see the addition of macro buttons, along with their relative placement to my thumb.


Being labeled as a “pro” gaming mouse for $40, you do see a decent amount of options, including a DPI button that can be customized into anything. When it comes to gliding the mouse across a pad, I wish it had a bit more weight on the sides or even more gliders on the bottom. I felt the Katar Pro Wireless was unstable, but not enough where it tips. A picky gamer may not love this type of movement. The Katar Pro Wireless features Bluetooth connectivity for laptop users or those who like to lose the dongle. The dongle can be found in the top compartment of the mouse, not the bottom or side. The device is powered by a AA battery, which I would have preferred to have a chargeable device, and it adds a bit of extra unnecessary weight in the end.


Performance / Hands on Use / Features / User Experience / Analysis / Etc.

On the topic of performance, I do have to say I have mixed feelings. The Katar Pro Wireless just seemed inaccurate for the avid gamer who cares about latency. The sensor seemed to be lackluster on the mousepad I was using, which gives me no issues with other mice. It’s not that the sensor can’t read the pad, It is just the mouse seems to have a little input lag regardless of the slipstream technology in Corsair’s new wireless hardware. It could be the cost-benefit trade-off here with the price of the product. We can’t have the fastest mouse at this price, or else no one would buy more expensive products, so we have to make a tradeoff for performance here. You can definitely push the Katar Pro Wireless, but I wouldn’t recommend this for the hardcore player.

To get more out of it, try fine-tuning the DPI speeds and presets in the iCUE software. The out-of-box DPI settings weren’t the best, but luckily everything is customizable. Speaking of iCUE, make sure you update it because my Katar Pro Wireless mouse wouldn’t show up until after an important update. Also, this mouse has no standalone RGB settings. The only light customizable is the DPI indicator light, but you can’t choose its consistent color. Still, you can color link it to RGB presets within your Corsair ecosystem. For example, I can have my Corsair keyboard lights and headset stand lights in sync with the DPI light on the Katar Pro Wireless. Other than that, no more RGB fun from the device.


To sum up the Katar Pro Wireless, I would say that the biggest downfall is the sensor, as it tends to be inaccurate at times. There is something about the sensitivity and responsiveness that lacks a fast response along with accurate clicks. Yes, you do get a wireless mouse with DPI settings, minor RGB features, side grip macros, and Corsair iCUE support, all for $40, but for a hard-core gamer, I would avoid this device. You might be missing your skill shots with this mouse on the battlefield, and don’t even get me started on the lack of hard-wired charging.


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