Review Policy:

We know that gamers are a diverse bunch who appreciate different genres and styles of video games. So here at Noisy Pixel, we distribute game reviews opportunities to those who have interest and knowledge in a specific genre. We ensure that the reader is getting the opinion of a writer who knows about the respective title’s subject matter.

Being an enthusiast staffed website, we are allowed individual liberties when arranging and writing our reviews. We are fair in our criticisms and will inform our readers as established fans of the product to the best of our abilities. Our reviewers can expertly criticize the product while offering meaningful feedback to the titles’ developers for future products. Our criticisms will consider the presentation, style, and quality of the product and the product’s budget. 

Noisy Pixel uses a 10 point scale with 20 different points using halves. Review scores range from one (1) through four (4), meaning the game is broken or impossible to complete, five (5) through six (6), meaning the game is mediocre and could use additional development to fine-tune systems or mechanics, (7) through eight (8), saying the game is a must-play for fans of the genre, nine (9), excelled mechanically and raised the bar of the genre, and ten (10), the game is, in the writer’s opinion, a title that should be played by every gamer.

All reviews will be labeled as either purchased by the author or provided to Noisy Pixel by the publisher.

Here’s a complete list of all of our publication’s reviews.