Top 5 Tales Waifus – A Series That Continues to Deliver

The Tales games are all full of gorgeous and endearing women. Everyone has their own tastes, though, and this following list heavily debated and contested within our staff are our collective thoughts on the 5 best waifus throughout the franchise.

This listing is in no particular order, so you readers shall witness a general sampling of Noisy Pixel’s tastes in fictional women. Lucky you.


Tales of Vesperia Judith

This is probably the most boring and expected choice, but you can blame our boss for this one. Judith hails from the beloved Tales of Vesperia and is quite the provocative flirt, though she deals with her fair share of inner demons.

Not merely being eye-candy but also boasting intriguing character conflict, especially when in contact with the protagonist, Yuri, Judith is a distinct character elevated far beyond conventional, monotonous beauty. While commitment would likely be a complication with her, there’s no doubt she cares for those she grows close to.

Then again, we also can’t deny that she is one of the most physically attractive women in the series.

If you’d like to learn more about Judith, be sure to pick up and play Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition. She joins the party fairly late into the experience, though the game itself is a pretty damn fun time regardless.


Tales of Symphonia

Sheena is another popular choice, and, surprisingly enough, our staff collectively agreed on her place here with literally no qualms. She is from the iconic Tales of Symphonia, arguably the most well-known Tales title, and is undoubtedly among most players’ favorite characters. I doubt this is a controversial choice. Raine is pretty great, too, though.

Ninja girls have their own unique appeal, and it helps that Sheena possesses bewitching beauty. Still, in a remotely similar vein to Judith, albeit for inherently different reasons, Sheena has compelling characterization and inner conflict that greatly aids in defining her identity. She is also a classic among classics, and this list simply wouldn’t feel complete without her. Her cutesy, shy side coupled with her womanly figure grant her considerable depth in the ways of waifu mentality.

If you want to learn more about Sheena, you can play Tales of Symphonia, one of the best starts to a newcomer’s interactions with the series.


Tales of Zestiria

Lailah is, in our humble opinion, a severely underrated character. While Tales of Zestiria is a rather controversial entry for many fans, its cast is undeniably one of its stronger facets, and Lailah is a clear representation of that belief. Despite her lengthy time in the Sacred Blade, she is quite humorous and uplifting rather than being drab and devoid of hope.

Acting as a guide of sorts for Sorey and the companions he makes along his journey, Lailah is a committed and reliable woman, earning her a spot on this list. And, just like every other woman on this list, she is a mesmerizing beaut.

If you would like to learn more about Lailah, you can play Tales of Zestiria, a noticeably flawed but still enjoyable journey if you can overlook its mishaps.


Tales of Berseria

Magilou is something of an enigma for most of Tales of Berseria, yet that mystique in itself is endearing for particular crowds. She is a playful, mischievous lady whose true, underlying motives are never transparent. Additionally, her occasionally stern side acts as an appealing contrast to her multi-faceted layers. She tends to be more than a bit of a meme-lord, too, with several memorable and bizarre scenes that emit jovial tenacity in the midst of the normally dreary tone of Berseria’s narrative.

Her status as a fan-favorite character for Berseria and the series as a whole made her an obvious choice for this list. Appearance-wise, she is certainly the least conventionally attractive of the women on this list, but that is by no means an inherent negative and instead further enhances her standout allure. Further, she has something of a dominative streak, perfect for those easily swayed by such traits.

If you’d like to learn more about Magilou, you can play Tales of Berseria, a decent beginner entry for those yearning to give this franchise a shot.


Tales of Xillia

If there’s any wildcard, unorthodox choice for this list, it’s assuredly this one. Muzet is one of the primary antagonists from the first Tales of Xillia, but her circumstances alter in the sequel. Though she certainly loses grasp of her emotions and can vent them off in a crazed manner, there is a truly caring and loving individual in her core if one takes the time to understand her and stand by her side.

Yes, Milla is probably the choice most would ordinarily go for from Xillia, but Muzet is definitely overshadowed and overlooked by her dear sister. That, and her simultaneously elegant and exotic appearance are nothing to scoff at either.

If you’d like to learn more about Muzet, you can play Tales of Xillia, a fan-favorite entry with a memorable cast that is also an excellent option for a prospective fan.

And those are our top picks for 5 waifus from the Tales franchise. Now, everyone has their own tastes, opinions, and the like, and it’s no secret our list will assuredly upset some people. But there are more worthwhile issues to get angry for, and can’t we all just unite in appreciating stunning anime women?

Also, don’t worry, the husbando list is coming up!

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