Skateboarding Roguelike ‘Helskate’ Reveals New Gameplay Trailer

Developer and publisher Phantom Coast have unveiled a new gameplay trailer for their upcoming skateboarding roguelike Helskate, showcasing the general gameplay loop and abilities prospective players can expect from this ambitious experience.

Throughout this title, players will skate to grind, perform tricks, and chain combos to power themselves up and take down the monsters of Vertheim. Weapons, tapes, and gear can be combined to suit your desired playstyle, which is needed as you will undoubtedly fail and retry to figure out the best ways to progress. Tattoos, on the other hand, are permanent upgrades.

Some of the skateboarding maneuvers you can perform are manuals, ollies, and kickflips, which will buff you as you battle monsters and ultimately face the God of Skating. You’ll challenge the “God of Vert Ramps’ score challenge and grind your way up the Ancient God of Skating to strike at his weak points.”

You can view the gameplay overview trailer for Helskate below:

Helskate will launch for PC via Steam early access “soon.”

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